FAQ's : Solar Pumps

  • What is a Solar Photovoltaic ( SPV ) water pump?

    A solar PV Water Pump consists of a Photovoltaic array mounted on a stand, and motor pump set compatible with the photovoltaic array: As the sun’s rays falls on the solar module D.C electricity is generated and is used to run a D.C motor pump set or an A.C motor pump set. AC motor requires an inverter.

  • What are the different types of solar pumps?

    The different types of pumps are :

    • - D.C. surface centrifugal pumpset
    • - D.C. submersible pumpset
    • - D.C. floating pumpset
    • - A.C. submersible pumpset
    • - Any other type of motor – pump set, as approved by MNRE
  • What are the advantages of solar pumps?

    Solar pumps operate on solar energy available free with nature, and thus save expenditure on diesel or electricity.

    • - The cost of operation and maintenance of solar pumps is negligible
    • - Useful for water pumping in remote areas without grid power.