Renewable solutions, limitless possibilities: Our commitment to a greener world

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Join the renewable revolution: Simplifying solar, amplifying savings.

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Optimize, Energize, Thrive: Our Commitment to Renewable Power.

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Advik Energy Solution Pvt. Ltd.

Advik Energy Solution Pvt. Ltd., an ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015, ISO 45001:2018 certified company, pioneers integrated solutions for solar power generation and solid waste management in India. With accreditations from MNRE, MSME, and a commitment to sustainability, we specialize in bespoke solar solutions from project planning to flawless execution. Our dedicated team ensures highly efficient and cost-effective solar plants, minimizing energy losses while delivering maximum output.

We cater to the burgeoning renewable energy sector in Odisha and Uttar Pradesh, offering top-tier services for on-grid and off-grid solar systems. As advocates for a cleaner environment, we provide innovative and low-cost renewable energy solutions for homes and commercial entities. Our expertise lies in guiding businesses towards adopting solar power and efficient waste management, facilitating substantial cost savings and contributing to a brighter, eco-friendly future for all.

Tailored Renewable Energy Solutions

Empowering India's renewable energy surge, our dedicated team specializes in meticulously designing high-efficiency plants, ensuring cost-effectiveness and optimal performance. As India's renewable sector rapidly expands, our expertise provides the specialized manpower required for sustainable growth.

Execution and commissioning

From concept to reality, we bring solar projects to life with precision and expertise.

Solar Product Solutions

Innovative solar solutions tailored to meet diverse energy needs with utmost efficiency.

Solid Waste Management

Revolutionizing waste disposal methods for a cleaner and sustainable environment.

Operation & Maintenance Service

Ensuring the smooth and uninterrupted performance of solar systems, maximizing their lifespan.

Bio Gas Plant Solutions

Harnessing the potential of bio-gas for renewable energy generation and waste utilization.

Miscellaneous Products

A diverse range of supplementary products complementing our core services for holistic energy solutions.

Why Advik Energy

Optimize. Energize. Thrive. Our Commitment to Renewable Power.

Harnessing Solar Power

Empowering communities with renewable energy solutions for a sustainable future.

Commitment to Excellence

Prioritizing quality service to meet and exceed your expectations at every step.

Reliable and Trusted

Your dependable partner for high-quality service, ensuring efficiency and excellence in every project.

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Elevating Experiences, Together

At Advik Energy, our commitment lies in delivering personalized solar solutions tailored to your needs. From meticulous project planning to flawless execution, our team ensures your vision becomes a reality. Experience the difference with our customized approach to solar solutions.

Outstanding service! Their customized solar solutions exceeded our expectations. Best in the industry.

Romila D

Incharge, VABLMC

Professionalism at its finest! Installed a flawless 10kW On-Grid Power Plant. Highly recommend their services.

AC Yusuf

Manager, SBI

Impressed by their expertise! Their team delivered a seamless solar project execution.
Highly satisfied.

Rajat Sharma

Director, SGI

Our Esteemed Clients